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I have to laugh at the NEW additions that rave about this slimeball company. How in the world do highly satisfied consumers get to a sit like Pissed Off Consumers?

This is nothing but an amateurish attempt by Randy Miller and his sleazy used car salesman to take away from the truth.

Randy Miller has repeatedly ignored honest legitmate complaints to the BBB. I know, I am one of them who stupidly bought a BMW from him. He threatended me physicall when I told him I would report him to the NH AG's Office. He refused to make it right, and said there was no lemon law in NH, and that I was the fool.

Why does a *** like this be allowed to stay in business. Caveat emptor, but people like Randy Miller should get a beating.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Been in the market for a decent used car for a few weeks. My wife and I have been checking Craigs, Ebay etc. for a good deal on something that would be reliable.

We stumbled upon several listings from EAG on Ebay...and thank god that I bothered to research them a little...not only are they listed on BBB as having been indicted by the NH attorney general for putting inspection stickers on cars that wouldn't pass inspection, but they just sound like a gang of ***-men. I was suspicious because each E-bay listing had the following at the bottom:


Deposit: Deposit of $500 must be paid within 24 hours of auction close. Payment: Items will not be available for pickup or shipping until full payment is received and cleared by our local bank. Buyer has 3 days to pay. Warranty: some vehicles may have remaining factory warranty. Our standard warranty excluding wholesale vehicles is a 30day 1000 mile 50/50 powertrain warranty. Extended warranties are available for adittional charge. Financing: 100% GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL everyone is approved! Good credit/Bad credit EAG will get you financing. We reserve the right to remove this listing due to on-site sales. There will be an additional $399 Doc/Admin/prep fee for all customers. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with a dealership sales representative before entering your offer. tax, title, license, registration, documentation, finance, inspection, emission fees may be additional when applicable.


$399 additional doc/admin/prep fee for all customers? HUH? If I show up some place with cash, how does that warrant me paying an additional $400 for you to fill out some paperwork?

I'm not going to deal with these folks. For everyone else who got took by these clowns, thank you for not remaining silent. You helped at least one family out. I don't have endless supplies of cash to throw down the drain on an unreliable car.

to Not buying from Empire Boston, Massachusetts, United States #628322

staay away from scumbaf randy miller and empire auto


even after the hearings in sept,he still sold me a car on the 9th of oct.the issue date on the inspection sticker was oct.27,writen over a sept.27 date.i had a cop come seize the sticker for evidence,and brought the car back,and got my money back.they tried to put me in a jeep,100000 miles,2002 for 450 a month,see ya scumbags.there were two different vin# in my contracts,the car i bought,and a car they tried to put me not done with those scumbags,and yes ,he (randy miller)is mad at me and wants me to go there and fight


Randy Miller is a turd dipped in oil and rolled in pubic hair

Buena Vista, Colorado, United States #151562

Maybe convictions on the two counts of felony fraud they are facing will be enough to smarten them up. Hopefully EJ can turn them into a legit store.

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